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A Message from Carol    



Thank you for your interest in obtaining a mortgage with my team at George Mason Mortgage.


You are here because someone important to you – your realtor, your builder, your friend or your family member -- has referred me to you.  I work strictly on a referral basis only so that I can ensure you will find competitive rates, excellent service, quick approval turnaround times and the best answers to your financing questions.


The new year has brought many mortgage industry reforms aimed at protecting consumers, strengthening our financial markets and preventing a recurrence of the circumstances that have caused our country’s economic troubles.  The new legislation calls for sweeping changes in the mortgage process which is impacting loan programs, required documentation and stricter underwriting guidelines.  In addition, many of the mortgage disclosures have been revised and may be confusing, especially the new good faith estimate.  We can help you understand all the documents and what to expect as we move from application to approval to settlement.


We are here to help you. 


We appreciate your interest and we will strive to make your home financing process a smooth endeavor.


Thank you,

Carol O'Connell

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